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Empowerment Through talent Development


Empowerment Through talent Development

Empowerment Through talent Development has been and will continue being my number one priority as a leader and a person. I am who I am today because someone helped me use my God given talent and Education. Today Transcend Running academy in Cherangany got a visit from ASICS team who were on a fact-finding mission to learn more about the program before our official launch of the construction of the Transcend Talent Development Center that will happen on 20th January 2022.

The talent center will consist of, Classrooms, housing, Track, Library, Science and Computer labs, and Gym. These facilities will give an opportunity to our young boys and girls to develop their God given talents while getting their high school education. We also plan to start a professional section of transcend that will help those who won’t be able to join universities in America under the athletics scholarships, to continue developing their running careers. Thanks to all our partners and donors who have given towards this program. Thanks to Kenya kids’ foundation Canada board for your hard work and to Emily Sierveld Davis and Keith Davis and Fleet feet family for your help.

We can all agree that youth unemployment is on the rise as Kenya’s colleges produce a large number of graduates each year, along with low labour force absorption, posing a problem for the Kenyan government. The unemployment levels are on the rise as more youth engage in crime and drug abuse.

Talent Development is a strategy that encourages young people to discover, unfold, and develop their abilities, to be required, to learn, to generate capabilities, and to participate in innovative ways. Talent is defined as an exceptional inherent ability to achieve goals. The principle underlying talent alludes to exceptional aptitudes that all individuals have that component that we are excellent, we can improve, and we may change into a method to present what is required.

Ability is inalienable and can also be developed as a result of enthusiasm and interest, driving the economy with a decreasing transgression rate. The establishment of key expertise enhancement is accomplished through training. Talent promotes innovation, which results in long-term livelihoods and economies.

Talent Development strengthens the youth’s natural inspiration and offers them a strong sense of ownership. They are ahead of the pack and in charge of their own development, no matter how big or small their victories appear to be.


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