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Hon. Wesley Korir on Talent Development


Hon. Wesley Korir on Talent Development

Talent Development

Mass joblessness among the sprightly and innovative youth, is a drag on the economy as it forces unemployed adults to depend on the small working class thus stretches family resources and consumes savings for future investments. Mass unemployment continues to deny Kenya the opportunity to put its growing labour force to productive use, thereby “denying the economy the demographic dividend from majority young population”. Kenya’s ability to create new jobs has lagged behind population growth, resulting in narrow formal opportunities, especially for entry-level workers fresh from college.

Youth unemployment is on the rise as Kenya’s colleges produce a large number of graduates each year, along with low labor force absorption, posing a problem for the Kenyan government. The unemployment levels are on the rise as more youth engage in crime and drug abuse.

Talent Development is a strategy that encourages young people to discover, unfold, and develop their abilities, to be required, to learn, to generate capabilities, and to participate in innovative ways. Talent is defined as an exceptional inherent ability to achieve goals. The principle underlying talent alludes to exceptional aptitudes that all individuals have that component that we are excellent, we can improve, and we may change into a method to present what is required.

Ability is inalienable and can also be developed as a result of enthusiasm and interest, driving the economy with a decreasing transgression rate. The establishment of key expertise enhancement is accomplished through training. Talent promotes innovation, which results in long-term livelihoods and economies.

Talent Development strengthens the youth’s natural inspiration and offers them a strong sense of ownership. They are ahead of the pack and in charge of their own development, no matter how big or small their victories appear to be.

Talent does not stifle creativity, but rather enhances it, and the young have an abundance of energy that can be put to good use. Enhancing talent development over work in order to live a free social and economic life should be prioritized.

Hon Korir aims to construct talent centers that will provide a wide range of talent trainings, including:

  • Sports
  • Artists
  • Entertainment i.e. music, acting (including education and life skills development in all the categories)

Kenya must adopt a youth policy to guide the institutions in charge of youth affairs.

He will seek to create adequate frameworks for identifying and nurturing talent in both in-school and out-of-school youngsters, both male and female. Acquiring performing arts equipment to stage meaningful competitions and train talent is a top goal.

The concept of approach to talent development is a tool for community work with young people for livelihoods. Talent is identified through talent open days and referrals from other institutions for gifted and talented programs innovative trainings.


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