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Prioritizing Health Care


Prioritizing Health Care

Our country is gearing up to achieve universal health coverage by 2022. Stakeholders are steadily building on the milestones achieved so far while addressing the gaps that have been pointed out as potential hindrance to achieving this master plan. All these efforts are premised on the provision of health as a basic right as enshrined in the Kenyan constitution.

This commitment resonates strongly with the global community’s aspirations as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our government is determined to make good health available to everybody through several projects. It has built many hospitals even in remote areas. It has also made health services free to the less fortunate.

There is need to optimize delivery and use of health interventions to communities through evidence-informed solutions, innovations and research to address existing and emerging public health needs. Local governments should work in partnership with the national government, donors, other stakeholders and local communities to complement and synergize the delivery of sustainable health services.

The vision is to have healthy families through universal access to health interventions.


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